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Mashikaku Rock 2012 …(present to you… lol recommend)

Mashikaku Rock

omg its 1.26 am right now, my brain, idk if i can write this properly lol..

sooo.. this is new scanlated manga! o yee… I like this manga (even though it still one chapter again)

This manga mostly revolves around music. About a girl who’s smart and a top student in her school promised her dad that she won’t be like him. He was a musician and he wanted her daughter to have good education and be a good girl.. Apparently, there was a secret between she and her dad(btw, her dad died), he taught her how to play guitar.. she really likes it. One day, she found a guitar left in the school.. she took that advantages to play it secretly. (she play it secretly because her school doesn’t allow a band or something like that and she want to maintain her top student image - omg for the one who was curious about how the guitar was there in the first place, its actually own by this guy who caught her playing it) ..the guy was impressed and asked her to be in the band. Then he threaten her that if she doesn’t want to play in the band he will told about what she did to the teachers. sooo.. she agreed.. //skip //skip //skip  happy things kinda happen in the end despite the threatening stuff xD lol

 The threat was not too dramatic like what it sounds like lol.. but yeah i think this manga is pretty good~YEEEAAAHHHHHH TRUST ME (i’ll take responsibility -not! haha …sorry kdsjfgbskldfh my brain at limit but i want to post this no matter what! (゜Д゜;) cause it have potentiall

idc anymore about my grammar there orz.. its 1.40 am i haven’t post review in a while, this iss phuuunn